Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May all be well

Collecting and hoarding,
Grasping onto images of what should be
Visions in my head glue my life together

Panic ensues, when conditions change
And the glue won't hold.

Identity collapses inward,
boundaries crumple.
In answer I wish others well.

And all becomes well.


What I sometimes create in intimacy
is a pot lined with poison
And I drag us both into it.
And expect good.


(Easter 2009)

Today I am a rag doll,
Floppy, fitting wherever I am.
Watching dry rusty leaves dance in circles
around me.
The freshness of the sun warming my face skin,
Me and earth
Soaking up each other
watching the wind play with
everything it can move.

Morning Sitting

The hum of the heat
coming through the radiator
Sounds of crows cawing
Cheeps and whistles of smaller birds
The windy sound of cars passing by
That is what is right now, This is where I will live
Not the pain of past regrets and sorrow
nor the future of plans.
This is where I live.