Wednesday, June 21, 2006

June 21st, summer

Today is green, loud, bugs, frogs, birds.
Intense, light, bright.
A roomful of treasures blurring into each other.

I take a step and feel my foot on the earth.
Breathing in. I feel calm.
I take another step.
Breathing out. I am home.
Another step.
Breathing in. I have arrived.
Another step.
Breathing out. I am here.
In the now. Sensing each foot as it meets the earth.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Peace in self

Our sensous craving propels us along our habits. The desire for conformity, especially in relationships, besets us all. And no matter how sincere we are, the consequence of sensous craving is always the same. Our fulfilled desires soon grows familiar, conquered, Then fresh desires take it's place, assuring me that I am, in fact, an I. A new car. A new wife. A new lover. A new shirt. A new idea. Around we go, ghosts in the Hungry Realm. Are we being asked to give up desire? Easier said than done. Desire to give up desire? Maybe a solution to the gluttony of desire, if there has to be one, is to train oneself to discard the him in him-self in the interest of at last being at peace in, and not with, self.

From a Dec. 2005 comment by Phil.