Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Allowing joy

I come back to my breath
I say, Breathing in
I feel, Breathing in
The breath at the nostrils.

I know Right Mind only has one object
The in breath .
I let go of Thinking.
I return to the breath, feel it's warmth, the swirl as it enters the nostrils.

My Regrets and sorrows
My Uncertainties, insecurity
Run faster, more and more they say.

Coming back to the breath
I am aware that I am
Breathing in, Breathing out

Coming back to the breath
I am aware that I am
Breathing in, breathing out

The in breath
the out breath
Like sunshine, they embrace my thinking

My body tenses
Pressure in my mind returns
It's pushing me to run
A habit energy

I invite the bell, Listen to the bell
In every cell of my body I listen
I am calm, I rest, I relax.
Right here and now.
All is well.
I am back to my true home.

I listen to the bell, all the way through
The sound ripples through air waves.
I create peace.

I walk feeling my foot touch the earth
Every step is healing.
Every breath is healing.

I invite my ancestors
To walk with my feet

I am here
Flower fresh.

I am stable.
Solid as a mountain.
I am Firm as the earth.
I am Water, reflecting
What is real,

I am Allowing joy, I have tea,
in this cup of tea, I smell the summer scents of herbs,
I feel the warmth, I see the steam making a small cloud.

Breathing in,
I see myself as the still water of the tea, reflecting.
things as they are,

Breathing in,
I see myself as space,
Space for it all, all the frustration and anger

Allowing joy,
Breathing in,
Cultivating space, freedom, stability.

Joy, in the midst of it all,
  embracing the suffering.
I smile.

Based on a talk by Thich Nhat Hanh, Nutriments for Healing. 9-25-13.