Sunday, February 06, 2011

Boulder Gone

Rock has been rolling and crashing himself into the banks and a log has pushed him up to the bank where he can't move. Boulder is left behind, far behind, steady, certain, always there, an island of safety in the moving, changing river. Boulder doesn't want Pebble around so much. Boulder sits up high and sees the whole world, the blue sky, the stars. Boulder sees under the water too. Boulder is worldly. Boulder needs other Boulders.

Because Boulder was there in so many ways, taught her so much, was by her side through so much in the River, Pebble loves Boulder. Because of Boulder and other things in her River life, Pebble sits in clear water amidst the other pebbles like her and is happy. Boulder has been a clear mirror for Pebble. Pebble understands now her characteristics that drive Boulders and Rocks crazy. She sees Boulder's incredible patience with her. It is too late for Boulder and her to do it differently. It's done.

It is not too late for Pebble to be with herself in a better way. The moving waters smooth the rough edges. She has nowhere to go, nothing to do, but be with the gentle movements of water, the crackles and cracks of ice; she is feeling it, hearing it, smelling it, tasting it, touching it, ---the cold, hard, fresh taste of ice and water. Filled with emptiness, not looking for signs, not looking for Boulder, filled with wishlessness, not wanting to be further down the river, not wanting to be back up the River with Boulder, just here is enough for Pebble. Everything for her happiness is here, it is enough, gently moving water and Pebble, sunlight coming through the ice, shades of grays and blacks and white and Pebble.

From this place of clarity, more skillfulness because of Boulder, maybe Pebble can get Rock unstuck. Resting in the River.