Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Sakkayaditthi is oozing up from under the rugs.
    Feel this cloth on the skin it says, taste this tiramisu on the tongue. 
Sakkayaditthi is peeking out from under these boulders.
    Don't want to die alone it says.
   Don't want to be sick someday and drool. 
    Don't want the body to shrivel and wrinkle. 
    Time is too fast it says.
Sakkayaditthi is doing jumping jacks and tumbling out at me while I am working my work
for a living..
    Get me out of this place it says.  Too much stress. Too many people.
       I need another job, quick.  Time is too slow, it says.

Sakkayaditthi is leaving.
Letting the Buddha breathe,
Letting the Buddha walk,
I don't have to breathe
I don't have to walk.

Buddha is breathing
Buddha is walking
I enjoy the breathing
I enjoy the walking.

May I live in well-being, in freedom from afflictions, in freedom from hostility,
May I maintain well-being in myself.
May all beings live in well-being, in freedom from hostility, in freedom from ill-will,
in freedom from anxiety, and may they maintain well being in themselves.
A bow to Sakkayaditthi, embraced by the breathing, the walking, the well-being and
the freedom from hostility.


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