Saturday, August 21, 2010


What is this joy. ,---- the trees tingling their leaves, the bees so busy in their small world of the white hydrangeas, the squirrels' tails jumping in the leaves. Harmony of crickets, bugs, sending out the radar sounds of all is well. Smells of the earth, the flowers---
should I turn on a movie? Go to work---quick, quick, I don't know this feeling. What do I do with this joy? Where is there a container big enough to hold all this joy?

I am not yearning for a better future or regretting a past. I am here in this present. And in this
present are all the conditions for my happiness.

Where is the container for this joy? It is in the same steps----
that I walk
with anger,
with fear,
with doubt.
One step,
feeling the foot touch the earth.
Breathing in, breathing out.

I start to paint the lattice work on the deck--- still enjoying it all, butterflies chase each other close to me. The sounds of summer are all around.

I walk under the deck to paint the backs, walk out and boom, my head hits the top of the deck floor. Ouch! Humorous reminder. I have left mindfulness.
I am walking without looking where I am walking,
unmindful of my surroundings
because I am so caught up
in joy and my mindfulness.

I smile.


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