Monday, May 24, 2010


Water went away, drought came. Wind found Pebble, branches once again
fell. Pebble had already made room for Wind, was cozy in her spot.
She wasn't angry, she didn't feel like a victim.
What's this about anyway? she silently asked herself. Wind and I have done this so often and I
never was able to stop and look deeply till now.

Later on, she saw Wind. "Wind," she said, "I noticed something interesting.
What's it about anyway? We do this thing where
I am here and enjoying this part of the Earth and you come along and drop all
these branches, even jostle me out of my place next to Boulder and Rock.

I don't know what it is about. I'm thinking this is interesting what we do
What do you think it's about?"

Pebble had found the 1st paramita, generosity, had learned to give by
being present to another, to be stable, to be fresh, open to new ideas,
and she had found the 3rd paramita, inclusiveness, sometimes called
patience and forbearance. Instead of pushing away feelings of aversion,
hatred, anger, she could sit with them, let them be fuel for the compost
that creates beautiful flowers. The feelings didn't toss her about here and
there. She had found right view and right understanding. Just as Boulder
had shown her.

In the space for Wind, she asked, what do you think it is about?
In the space for Wind, she knew she didn't have all the answers.


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