Monday, May 31, 2010


I was focussed on getting to meditation. I got in the car with my boiled
potatoes in a bowl, put them on the seat, and took bites as I drove.

Getting off the first exit, a state cop was out of his car pulling over a
driver. I tried getting my seatbelt on but it was stuck in the door.
Maybe it was hanging outside the door! He took one look at me
and pointed for me to pull over also.Was I driving too fast? Did he see me eating?
I had my seat belt on when he came to the window of my car.

I sat and sat. I got brave and left my car to explain to him I facilitate a
meditation group and people will be leaving not knowing where I am. He
said he'd be right there, it was a seatbelt fine, $90, it's click it or ticket for the
Memorial Day weekend. At 7:15 pm I arrive at the Sangha for 7 pm
meditation time.

There are four people there outside conversing, looking comfortable,
happy. No one seems upset. This is good. I explain what happened.

After we sit, I remember the fourth paramita,
virya paramita, the perfection of diligence, energy or continuous practice.
Thich Nhat Hanh says we can practice recognizing the positive seeds that are in us.
We have a "store" consciousness where negative and positive seeds lie. If we water
the positive seeds they come up into our consciousnesss. Every time they do this
they get stronger.

I see the police man as a bell of mindfulness, reminding me to be present, to take
care of myself, nurturing me. I see the $90 as worth this reminder to be present
for myself, to take care of myself happily.

Diligence of practice.


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