Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another Day

It is another day. Wind has come back and Pebble is kicked down the
river, and there is Rock once again.

"Hi Rock."

Rock says, "Pebble, maybe you can try therapy."

At least that's what Pebble thinks Rock is saying.

She is not stable like a mountain,
she is not present to Rock,
she is not in the present moment.
She is defending herself, screaming at Rock.

Later on she asks, "Am I sure?"
She finds a little crack of space and asks Rock, "Did
you say I need therapy?"

"No," he answers, "I was just suggesting different
things that might help with Wind. "

Sometimes Pebble who's been around 60 years,
knows so much, there is no room for what is.

Right View, Right Understanding, Right Perception.


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