Thursday, December 22, 2005

Laps and babies

Chogyam Trungpa talks about how sometimes we want someone to be our "baby," or we want to jump onto someone's lap and be the "baby;" we want to feed others or we want to be fed by others. The lap can also be parent figures: a career, a job, an organization, a community, a teacher. The baby can be a career, organization, group,-anything we nurture and feed. However, we do not need to reduce ourselves to infants or to demands that someone leap onto our lap. We can be what we are in the world. A Buddhist image for compassion is the moon reflected in 100 bowls of water. The moon just shines. Just being who we are in the world without hidden agendas, creates space for relationship. Relating. There is me. There is you. There is this third thing, the relationship between us. This makes space for creativity, exchange. "You simply be what you are in the world, in life." The external situations will be as they are. Resting in the river.


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Tigre said...

I admire your creativity and ask you to keep it up, because you're bond to inspire someone.


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