Thursday, December 22, 2005


Copy of email to the local Sangha by Tom:
It has come to my attention lately, the importance of taking care of ourselves. Due to the recent additional busyness that we may be experiencing, shopping, avoiding shopping, holiday parties, an abundance of food, heavier newspapers, less sleep, traffic, etc., I have found this practice a bit more challenging. In the midst of all this , I took the time today to take a walk while the sun was out. This did not take a huge chunk of time away from other responsibilities, in fact it makes them a bit easier. I also would like to remind you to ask yourself an important question:

At this very moment what are the causes and conditions present within and without that are contributing to my happiness? I am in reasonable good health, I have a nice place to live, in the other parts of the house are my wife, daughter and two dogs. I have a cup of tea brewing. I am so blessed to be loved by friends, and I live on this beautiful and forgiving planet. I feel very grateful that I live in a time when I have been exposed to the Dharma and experienced some transformation. All these causes and conditions are available to me in this present moment!What a lucky guy! Breathing in I am aware I am breathing in, breathing out I smile. Aware of the present moment, I know it is a wonderful moment. Peace is with you, Tom


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