Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Animals and relationships

In relationship, I can go from one situation to the next without regard to what others are saying or doing, wanting only to make things conform to my perceptions, like a pig sniffing and snorting along to eat everything in his path. Doing monologues. Not listening. Justifying what I do in pig-headedness as ok because I am sincere, a "sincere pig," as Chogyam Trungpa might say. In his book, Myth of Freedom, Trungpa heads the section on living the animal realm under "stupidity." Not listening to others, not accepting things as they are. It means struggle. Strong needs to blame. Anger. Lots of pushing the river. Being washed down the river. Rolling along over everything and anything. It is luring someone into my territory. I say I love you so you should come join me over here. See how good I am. My goodness becomes my "insurance policy" that I will get what I want. See me. See how much I love you.

In Buddhist teachings Trungpa says the image for compassion is one moon reflected in one hundred bowls of water. The moon just shines. The point not being to make anyone happy, but to be what we are, allowing external situations to take care of themselves. No giver. No receiver. Just light shining. Like a pebble sinking to the bottom of the river without struggle. Resting in the river.


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous Phil said...

Our sensous craving propels us along our habits. The desire for conformity, especially in relationships, besets us all. And no matter how sincere we are, the consequence of sensous craving is always the same. Our fulfilled desires soon grows familiar, conquered, Then fresh desires take it's place, assuring me that I am, in fact, an I. A new car. A new wife. A new lover. A new shirt. A new idea. Around we go, ghosts in the Hungry Realm. Are we being asked to give up desire? Easier said than done. Desire to give up desire? Maybe a solution to the gluttony of desire, if there has to be one, is to train oneself to discard the him in him-self in the interest of at last being at peace in, and not with, self.

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Pebble said...

Yes. Desires create more desires.

Besides the animal realm, there is the hungry ghost realm. In place of the sincere pig, Chogyam Trungpa describes a ghost with a teeny mouth-size of the eye in a needle-skinny neck,arms,legs and big, big belly for this realm. The hungry ghost is always hungry cause his mouth is too small. Swallowing is painful too, always a struggle. Food can be a symbol for clothes, sex etc., things we consume. See a fall leaf? We bring it home, take a picture. If we get filled, then we wish to be hungry so we can fill ourselves again.


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