Monday, March 27, 2006

Good and superior, Right View

Years ago I drove through a toll booth without paying my 50 cents--immediately pulling over, embarrassed, surprised I could do such a thing. The people were kind about it, not a big deal. I sat in the parking area at the toll booths, leaving long messages on a friend's cell phone,
trying to get out of this fog.

I had just driven 100 miles and dropped a friend off at a Peace Camp where I didn't feel welcome. I did it because she had no other way to get up there and I had said I would months earlier. Somebody has to do these things. Everyone can't say no. How Superior and Good I felt.

Invisible and Not-A-Consideration took over the whole car on the way home, snacking on Self-hate bars they picked up cheap, 10 for $1, leaving wrappers and sticky stuff on the seats and floor. Missing the toll booth was cause of them. Couldn't even see out the windows. They were all over the place, rowdy. Wouldn't shut up even for a minute. I had to call in the troops for help. Visible and Consideration talked so long on the phone that Invisible and Not-A-Consideration just wore themselve out, fell asleep a few hours later.

It's very difficult to be with what is, with these guys around, visible or invisible, superior or inferior, good or bad. Perceptions leave no space for what is; we end up driving through the toll booth without paying, oblivious to what's here and now.

Right View is being with what is. The first of the Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path for the end to suffering is Right View:

Resting in the river.


At 12:24 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Hi Pebble, it is not easy for me to wake up. It was so warm and beautiful last weekend, my sap started running. Then the snow came and I slowed down. When Sun came and turned the droplets on my branches into jewels, I was feeling beautiful. Not all awake yet, but beautiful. Sun and Snow and Water and I, all inter-connected. Tree

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Pebble said...

Dear Tree, I hope in 2017 that you are still here , growing deeper roots.


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