Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I am up in my head thinking. Ranting in my head about more, Why do we depend on everything growing? Why is the goal more? Birth and death create life. It's all valuable. Every moment is an expression of birth and death. The moment is here, then gone. Breathing in. Breathing out. We do not walk around only inhaling.

Sun rises at the back of my home. Birds start to sing. Woodpecker calls. The trees in front of the bedroom window are the first things I see in the dawn. Then the sun's yellow light touches them. Colors appear. Everything becomes clearer with more definition. A new day. The time between night and day is a birth, a new beginning. I leave work and the sun is red on the horizon about to disappear. A day is born. A day dies. The process repeats endlessly throughout our lives, and after.

We would like to keep the sun from rising higher, to live in the youth of the day, the promises. But we cannot hold on to anything. The sunset and the night have their place. If the sun kept going higher, never descended, if it kept getting bigger, we could not survive.

All we can do is experience directly what is happening now in this moment, and let it go. Get out of the theories, the ranting mind to witness the countless opportunities for seeing what is here and now. The sun rising, the colors, the sun setting, the darkness. Peace in every step, here and now. Resting in the river.


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