Wednesday, March 22, 2006

952,000th job rejection

It isn't 952,00th job rejection, but it feels like too many. The interview committee people were logical. I would pick the 30ish one, not the one with gray dry hair, also. I would pick the one who already has a full time job, not the one with two low paying part time jobs, completely different fields. Choosing me would have been a jump in intuition, not a logical choice.

I interviewed my food pantry this morning and chose the wild smoked salmon and lemon pepper chevre for breakfast. Ginger, mace, cardamom, cinnamon and paprika, lemon garlic, and celery salt added to the flavor, contributing to its high score on the what-to-eat rating. It had more to say than a plain salmon might. The winning drink was a logical choice by anyone's standards: 1 liter of bottled Trinity water. The name sounds sacred. Plus it had a lot to offer the body for which we were doing the interview. Can you imagine a geothermal spring 2.2 miles down in the ground reaching temperatures of 300 degress F., crystal-lined faults, and 23,000 square miles of granite? That's where this water came from, offering unique qualities not seen everyday. Poor Poland Spring, been around too long, close to home didn't win this morning. Just don't feel close to Poland Spring right now. So forget Poland Spring. For bread, I chose the Organic San Francisco Sourdough because it isn't made with yeast, it's made with a sourdough starter which means more time and thought have been put into the bread. It's a little bit older and wiser than the bread machine, push a button breads. It's been through a higher status school. Grape-Nuts was the winning cereal. Gravel. It can be counted on to satisfy, doesn't surprise you with anything, doesn't have a lot of needs, not high maintenance. Speaks low. It will always be there on the shelf. No, new and improved for Grape-Nuts. Grape-Nuts won't rock the boat. With the Grape-Nuts, organic ricemilk was the logical companion, no flavor bursts or euphoric insights. RiceMilk says I can be counted on to stay the same, to be on time, to disturb no one. This was all followed by a hefty grapefruit which I judged necessary to balance out all the tastes. In the end, I was satisfied with my final choices because they were logical. I could back them up with an explanation and if needed, I could probably find statistics to explain my choices.

Moving on to the lunch interview to bring to work with me, I knew instinctively that the collard greens would have the toughness and greeness to be a logical winner. I pulled the leaves from their very logical thick stems that are too tough for anything interesting and chopped the leaves with a wonder of a large chopping sharp knife. The onions were already fragrancing the air in the extra virgin organic olive oil, waiting for the collards. All the elements in this interview went into action demonstrating what they had to offer. It was more of a portfolio interview. While everything was simmering together, the organic millet cooked in its vegetable broth. Each golden yellow grain found its place, distinct from every other grain. The colors of the hot lunch went well with the bowl of mango, pineapple, cherries, and peaches. Each piece of fruit related its abilities in a sophisticated impressive manner, colorful, tasteful, no nonsense approach to doing the job well.

Both interviews went well, leaving dried wilted lettuce out for the day as well as the two week old eggs, though beautiful in their bluish tinted shells. The container of frozen shrimp, smoked salmon, organic basil tahini hummous didn't make it in the final cut. Every thing can' t be chosen. Rolling in the river. Smoothing the sharp edges.


At 7:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked the breakfast and lunch interviews. It reminded me of how much beauty we miss in the world.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Tree said...

Dear Pebble,

I feel the wind in my branches that creates ripples in your river. I feel the drops of rain that flow into your river. When the wind is strong or the snow is wet and heavy, my branches break, and fall into your river, creating swirling water. My needles fall off and float on the river's water overhead as you watch.

We are connected. You are not alone. Tree

At 10:49 AM, Blogger Pebble said...

Dear Tree, it is now 2017, so many years later.

I know you are there, and I am very happy.


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