Thursday, February 09, 2006


Heading west down Route 6 to my dad's eye appointment, a small truck passed us heading east with this huge port-a-potty, neon green, strapped to the bed on the back, close to the cab.

Maybe it was the neon color or the absurdity of something so big, representing crap, strapped close to a little cab, travelling down the road at 50 mph, whatever it was, it made me think neurosis is like that.

All that resentment, guilt and anxiety takes up lots of space, somehow gets trapped in our heads. The past becomes more important than the present. The future is more important than the present. The mind is in charge. Breathing in, I am here, Breathing out, I am home, in this moment. Appreciating this moment, the compost of stuff I carry in my mind ---makes flowers.


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